How to create an eCom password

At the bottom of the screen, you will find an orange button. Click on it if you need to see a specific section.

Step 1. To shop online your mobile number and eCom password must be registered

  • Go to:
  • This is the front page of the eCom password registration process
  • Click "Halt fram”

Step 2. Enter card number

  • Enter your payment card number (16 digits)
  • Click "Vátta"

Step 3. Declaration of consent

  • In English: By registering my mobile phone number and password (eCom Password) with Dankort Secured by Nets, Visa Secure or Mastercard ID Check I consent to the following:
  1. In the event of any fraud involving my payment card or suspicion thereof and/or disputes relating to the use of my card, my card issuer may process the following information in addition to card data for use with case: The time of registration, and the name, address, and personal number (Ptal) linked to Samleikin.
  2. In event of any suspicion of fraud involving my payment card, my card issuer may contact me on the mobile phone number that I register

If I register a mobile phone number and password for a Visa/Dankort the phone number will be used for both Dankort and Visa payments

  • Click "Gev samtykki”


Step 4. Enroll and approve with Samleikin

  • Enter your personal number (Ptal)
  • Click “Login with app”
  • Confirm in ”Samleikin app”

Step 5. Register, change or delete your mobile no. and eCom password connected to your card

  • Loyniorð: Fill in a personal eCom password for your payment card
  • Endurtak loyniorðið: Repeat your personal eCom password
  • Fartelefonnummar: Enter the mobile phone number you wish to link to your payment card
  • Click "Vátta”
  • Strika: If you want to delete the mobile number and the eCom password connected to your card, click “Strika nummar”

Step 6. Confirm mobile number

  • Enter the one-time SMS code from the text message
  • Click "Vátta"

Step 7. Registration accomplished

  • Your password has been registered. You will now be able to shop online with your newly registered eCom password + a one-time SMS code which you will receive automatically via text.